Cancellation and refund policy

If you wish to cancel a reservation, you must do so in writing at least 7 days in advance. The total amount of the reservation will be refunded less an administrative fee of 10€.

If a prepayment has been made, it will be provided as credit that can be used in the same place during the current season.

Refunds will be processed immediately and may take a few days to confirm depending on the bank.

During high season, the Fire Capitano restaurant at Hadleys Club operates with multiple shifts, so there may be a time limit on tables during the busiest days.


At Hadley’s Club, we have a policy of rules and regulations to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

Management reserves the right to deny entry. We recommend making an advance reservation to ensure space, but entry is not guaranteed with or without a reservation.

For security and identification purposes, entry will not be allowed to people with their faces covered.

Some occasional dates may apply specific entry policies, so it is important to inquire when making a reservation.


At Hadley’s Club, summer attire, sportswear, or resort wear is recommended, although alternative dress codes may apply for special events.

We reserve the right to deny entry to people dressed inappropriately. It is forbidden to wear clothing with offensive language, images, or slogans, or items for bachelor/bachelorette parties that may be considered offensive.

Groups in matching uniforms, such as matching swimsuits or costumes, are also not allowed. In the pool area, it is mandatory to wear swimwear, otherwise access will not be allowed.

Topless is not allowed in any area of Hadley’s Club.

In the restaurant area, it is mandatory to wear clothes. Being shirtless or in a swimsuit is not allowed.


At Hadley’s Club, all families with children are welcome, but all minors must be accompanied by a parent at all times.


Entry to the pool with glass items such as glasses, bottles, or swim goggles is prohibited. Guests are not allowed to bring external pool items (floats, etc).


We welcome small, well-behaved dogs.

Pets must be leashed and stay close to their seat and away from the aisle to avoid blocking the passage of people.

Feeding pets with dishes from the restaurant is not allowed.

If a pet is agitated, Hadley’s Club staff and management reserve the right to ask the client to leave.

Service animals are allowed on the property if required for a disability, provided that the work or task for which the animal has been trained is communicated to the staff.


External food and drinks are not allowed in Hadley’s Club.

Security reserves the right to check all bags before and after entering Hadley’s Club.

If requested, original identification must be presented to staff, management, or security.

Management is not responsible for the loss of personal items.

External decoration is not allowed without prior written approval from a member of Hadley’s Club staff.

Personal speakers or loud music on phones are not allowed.

Anyone found with drugs or illegal substances will be immediately expelled from the premises.

Weapons or objects that may cause harm to others are not allowed on the property.

No inappropriate behavior towards our staff or any other guests will be tolerated.